BodyKey Shakes

The BodyKey™4 Plan is the weight management approach that’s designed to fit your life.       It’s as simple as making four better choices every day—BodyKey™ shakes, bars and snacks, plus exercise—in any combination. It’s your life and every day is different. Make the choices that work for you.

Delicious BodyKey™ Meal Replacement Shakes!

 Lose weight with a delicious, nutritious, on-the-go meal. Don’t settle for unhealthy choices or missed meals! Rich, decadent shakes satisfy your sweet tooth and control hunger.



French Vanilla BodyKey Shake!

Sweet, delicious BodyKey™ French Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake Creamy, French vanilla flavor satisfies taste buds and your sweet craving.                                                       

Dutch Chocolate BodyKey Shake!

Decadent, filling BodyKey™ Dutch Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake Rich, chocolate flavor indulges your senses and satisfies your chocolate craving.                           







Strawberry BodyKey Shake!

Rich, decadent BodyKey™ Strawberry Cream Meal Replacement Shake! Delicious, creamy strawberry taste satisfies your hunger and sweet tooth.