Need Energy?!

Re-energize with a mega-dose of B12 vitamins and a unique and refreshing taste experience.  XS Energy Drinks are packed with energizing vitamins and bursting with great taste, yet they don’t contain the level of sugar and carbs you see in other popular energy drinks. Choose from many tantalizing varieties, including some that are caffeine free.  XS Energy

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A Bigger Blast of Energy! 

More B vitamins and herbs, not sugar like other energy drinks. Great-tasting energy! Scale any challenge with this outrageous blend of energizing citrus flavors! Available in the extra-large 12-oz. size, it will put even MORE kick in your step. This exclusive energy drink delivers a blast of energy in a sugar-free flavor explosion!                                                    XS Energy 9  Buy Now




Nothing But Great Flavor!

Catch the energy wave with Tropical Blast, a powerful swirl of carbonated passion fruit, peach, XS Energy 5and pineapple. B vitamins give you one long swell of power—and because there’s no sugar, you’ll never wipe out. Plus you’ll get essential amino acids and our proprietary blend of herbs. Like Schisandra and Reishi, which are suggested to beat stress and invigorate. And ginseng to help you focus. So, whether you’re on a board or not, you’ll always catch your wave. Buy Now



Pucker up to Electric Lemon Blast for a sparkling refresher that’ll give you the energy surge you need to tackle any task. B vitamins and essential amino acids get your batteries charged—and our proprietary herbal formula keeps you that way. Plus, no sugar means you’ll burn—not burn out. Just a little warning: This ain’t your Mama’s lemonade! And we don’t recommend sipping it on the porch!  XS Energy 6

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